Disha Narang, M.D., Dipl. of ABOM


Dr. Disha Narang is a board-certified endocrinologist and obesity medicine specialist, with an emphasis in culinary medicine. She is currently the Director/Physician Lead for Obesity Medicine at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. Dr. Narang is also currently enrolled in a Culinary Medicine program through Health Meets Food. Dr. Narang's goals through her practice are to create a positive and non-toxic relationship with food, creating an environment of "food as medicine", and empowering her patients with the skills and resources to combat chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases in combination with medical management. She has curated a patient, community, and clinically-facing culinary medicine lecture series, bringing to life the concept of "food is medicine" over the last 3 years. Dr. Narang strives to end the stigma around obesity, and emphasizes treatment of obesity as a chronic disease. She has a special interest in women's health, as it relates to diabetes and weight management. Dr. Narang has written articles for KevinMD and Endocrine Web, discussing the importance of using nutrition education and practical and sustainable dietary patterns to improve metabolic disease. She has contributed to articles featured in Insider Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, Huff Post, and Dr. Narang was also featured on Fox News Chicago, in addition to the Decoding Obesity Podcast. Dr. Narang currently resides and practices in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

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