Nisha Patel, MD, MS, Dipl of ABOM


Dr. Nisha Patel is a practicing transplant hospitalist who is double boarded certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Dr. Patel is currently enrolled in a Culinary Medicine program through Health Meets Food. She also takes a special interest in clinical lipidology. Dr. Patel spends a considerable amount of time reading the latest evidence based nutrition journal publications. She translates this science into real world, practical applications for her patients and physician colleagues alike. She has given several invited talks to her physician colleagues, medical trainees and the general public on the importance of a healthful lifestyle as the foundation of care. Her passion is empowering her patients and others with the knowledge and tools to make practical, sustainable life long healthful eating habits, especially by incorporating more healthful plant based foods into their day to day eating. She has written articles on The Beet and KevinMD calling to action the importance of incorporating practical nutrition education in medical training. Dr. Patel is in the process of starting an obesity medicine practice and strives to reduce the deep stigma surrounding obesity as a chronic disease which often prevents individuals from seeking evidence based care. Dr. Patel is also passionate about addressing food insecurity as it is intimately tied to the development of many chronic diseases. In addition to her clinical interest, Dr.Patel is a staunch advocate for changing the culture of medicine to reduce physician burnout. She currently serves as the Chair of her medical group's physician wellness committee. Dr. Patel currently resides and practices in San Francisco, CA with her husband.

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